Thursday, January 28, 2010


When I was young, I dreamt to be a flight attendant. It was my lifetime goal because I picture myself doing a lot of travels. Travelling is what I really love. I like to visit different places and learn different cultures. I love to socialize with the various types of people. Travelling is my passion.
As I was browsing through the internet, I decided to look for the best beaches around world. Beaches are everyone’s favorite place to chill and relax. It energizes the soul through the sound of waves. I hand-picked top 3 beaches I would like set out and sail.
Everyone, pack your bags and let’s review three of the best beaches in the world.
It stretched for around a dozen miles along the southern coast of Oahu. It is the home to more than 400,000 people. Who could ever resist the wonderful island of HONOLULU, Hawaii?(Right,above: Hanauma Bay, Hawaii)

 Not only that it gives as the site of the island’s airport and beautiful beaches, it is also the place where we could first taste Hawaii. It is near the Pacific Ocean and backed by the wonderful cliffs of the Ko'olau Mountains. Breathtaking it is!
(Left, Above: waimanalo, Hawaii)

(Above: Makaha, Hawaii)

(Left,below: Anguilla Beach)

This is a region consisting of the Caribbean Sea. The islands are enclosed by bodies of water. It is located southeast of the Gulf of Mexico and North America, to the north lays the South America and the east of Central America. 

 It has more than 7000 islands which are all awesome and beautiful. Caribbean Islands is one of the most popular destinations for artists and elite people.  
(Right: Grenada, Grand Anse Beach)

                                         (Above: Dominica Beach)

 (Left: Guanica, Puerto Rico)

Next stop – Puerto Rico baby!  With the clear blue beaches, warm and soft sand beneath it, and a huge beach  coast, no one would ever say deny going to this place. 

(Above: Flamenco, Puerto Rico)

This is the place where one could chill and relax while sipping the margaritas or some fine rums and wines the place could offer. One could even do some hiking, cave-exploring or surfing. Nevertheless, the beaches give this place a wonderful blast.                       (Right: Vieques Beaches)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Where to shop in Auckland

If you are fond of traveling, then you might dock on at Auckland. When you’re there, you might be wondering where to shop. Well, Auckland is an abode to New Zealand’s shopping areas. The place provides infinite shopping areas to choose from. This includes incomparable shopping malls in and around the city. You can even indulge yourself New Zealand’s top fashion designers.

The main shopping areas in Auckland can be found around Albert Street, Anzac Street, and Wynyard Street which includes exceptional shopping malls. The block around High Street and Vulcan Lane crowds the boutiques of Karen Walker, Workshop, and Zambesi, plus dozens of other designers. You could also shop at Elliot Street, Queen Street, Victoria Street and Karangahope Road, also known as K' Road. These places provide variety of shopping stores you could opt to. When you’re a fashionista shopping at Auckland you shouldn’t miss going to Ponsonby, Parnell and Newmarket which are well known great fashion designs. Auckland features many international high-street names, vast department stores, and specialty outlets.

If you’re into architecture, then the Botany Town Centre is the place you should be. They feature international award winning architecture with overhead sculptures depicting the New Zealand Kauri forest and native flora and fauna floor designs. You should also check out the Chancery, located off High Street in Auckland. In here, you could find high fashion boutiques and delicious eateries.

Various malls and outlet stores like Sylvia Park, Albany Westfield, Dress-Smart, Botany Downs, and St Lukes are stretched throughout the suburbs. And if you’re a person fond of bargain, Auckland provides several markets for those who are looking for crafts, arts, clothing and fresh food.

Auckland, New Zealand is well-known for its high concentration of designer fashion boutiques. Hence, shoppers would really have a great time shopping at Auckland.

Why Hybrid Golf Clubs Are All the Rage

The hybrid golf club is unfamiliar to numerous people. In fact, the word is so new that when you would ask a saleslady about it, they would probably decline you. Customary and old golfers may not be even aware of the idea that a hybrid golf club exists. So what is a hybrid golf club and why is it all the rage?

The name "hybrid" means a mixture of two different kinds with enviable attributes of both, and has been generalized; hence, a hybrid club combines the advantages of an iron and a wood, a fairway wood. A lot of players clamor for long irons because they are difficult to hit even with modern clubfaces. Adding the moving back and forth of iron clubs and the distance of a fairway wood club, hybrid golf clubs give the golfer some much-needed versatility on complicated and difficult terrain. That is why hybrid golf clubs are all the rage that provides the benefits of both woods and irons in one design.

There are a lot of advantages of hybrid golf clubs. It can be very advantageous to golf players who are not blessed with height or taller than the average height of a person. If you use typical golf clubs that were made for people that are different to your height you will have to make big adjustment to your swing and this will not help the flow of your game. Because it is a combination of fairway wood and the long iron, it allows the golfer to hit the ball into the air for long shots as well as from difficult ball positions and are best for the professional and the amateur who wants to improve their game. The effectuality of the hybrid golf club is practically due to the lower center of gravity for the club. This would be very difficult to do with only basic iron. This type of design makes it easier for the golfer to get the golf high in the air.

The characteristic of a hybrid golf club has a flat face area and the club is made with a launch angle that is steeper. This type of design offers the golf ball with a more rapid spin rate which makes it easier to halt the ball quicker and more accurate. It can also be used as a chipper, because of its ability to strike the ball. Some players can also opt to carry just the hybrid golf club, and put away space for other items in his bag.

The hybrid golf clubs are growing in rage popularity because they are designed to be easier to knock for weekend golfers. They provide the golfer with more distance as well as a higher level of accuracy. Thus, this will give the player more chances of winning the game.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Managing Time

Are you tired of always being late? Are you pissed off because he’s been late on your dates? Does she take time for granted? Well guys, I bet you’re on the right track. It’s time to know how to manage your time well.

I have been a victim of the so called time-insensitive person, and honestly, it really makes me upset. Being late on school, work, and even on dates isn’t a good habit.

So how important is time?

Time is a unique and valuable resource that cannot be restored or saved for later use. Time is needed in order to do your work, accomplish your goals, spend time with your loved ones, and enjoy everything that life has to offer. It is a great importance to your personal life and success in a career.

So for each one of you who feels like challenged to be punctual, or for those who have loved ones who are constantly showing up late, I’ll give you some strategies you can use to boot out the lateness habit and start showing up on time. And wait! You could also let your loved ones read this too.


This entails writing down things that needs to be done. A to-do list is a helpful tool to control your tasks and keep yourself systematized. Plan your day, your week or your vacation with someone special. And when you plan, put these into actions in order to achieve success in your planned activity.


This will help you focus on the things that really matter to you. Categorized your tasks in order to know which should be done first and which that could wait for some time.

Learn to say NO.

Saying “Sorry, I’m not available right now maybe some other time.” wouldn’t hurt too much than letting a low priority request throw off your entire plan. Learn to say no to distracters in order to free up time to spend on things that are more important.

Think before you act.

Before you would regret doing something; stop, take a deep breathe and think. Thinking includes weighing things and organizing your thoughts. This will prevent you from tiring yourself in doing things that are unnecessary.

Set a goal.

Putting in mind a goal each time you wake up until you go to sleep is a good way to motivate yourself. Set a goal to be on time in every task you do; and before you know it, you won’t be feeling bad about yourself being late. Maybe one day, you might even astonish your loved ones being earlier than expected.

The important point is that managing time is not necessarily about getting lots of stuff done, what’s important is that you make sure that you’re working on the right things at the right time under the right circumstance.